The core technology for EXO2, is a uniquely blended formulation which is produced in both sheet form and now in spooled strands (creating our ThermoKnitt™ Technology).  Elements of the FabRoc™ "recipe" are distributed evenly through the substrate, which creates a uniformly resistive heating system with no hot spots. The physical properties of FabRoc™ are that it retains the characteristics of the base material and as such is familiar by its rubber-like consistency. FabRoc™ can be molded or extruded into any shape required.

This material produces heat very efficiently when electric current passes through it; converting approximately 99% of the power supplied directly to heat. FabRoc™ can be safely powered by DC or AC current, can heat to 572°F and exhibits a host of advantages over competing solutions. As the FabRoc™ temperature rises, its resistance increases. This means that the current drawn by FabRoc™ will reduce as temperature increases, therefore the power consumption and heat generated will be controlled automatically. As a result, FabRoc™ exhibits a Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC), negating the need for an additional thermal control system to achieve a stable temperature.

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